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The 2017 WRXSA Club President

Jason Bartsch

In December of 2015 our current president Jason featured in Rex Driver, here’s a little bit of Jason’s story

I am a genuine car enthusiast and I have always been a fan of Japanese cars. My first car was a Nissan Gazelle, then I owned a van, then an r33 Skyline.

I was hopeless at trying to drift my Skyline so I set it up to handle as best as I could. On my weeks off from work I would cruise through the hills, all my mates were working so there wasn’t much else to do. This all came to an end when, like most Skyline’s – mine was stolen.

From my new car I had my heart set on a R34 GTR, this had always been a dream car of mine. My impatience got the better of me and I started looking at other cars that would be good in the hills.

Evo and STI sprung straight to mind!

I didn’t even get a chance to look at an Evo, infact I only drove one STI. I didn’t waste any more time, I knew from that day that the white 2006 STI ‘Goose’ was coming home with me.

For years ‘Goose’ remained fairly stock, just and exhaust and tune. 210kw was all I needed to have a good time. I am a firm believer that you don’t need big power. I always say ‘if your not using absolutely everything you have, then you don’t need more’.

I think the most important aspect of your car should be the way it handles and the way it stops.

It wasn’t until I finished working up in the mines that I had the time and the opportunity to get involved in South Australia’s ‘car scene’. It started with attending a few cruises and then meeting some like minded people. It wasn’t long after that I joined WRXSA – my good mate Dylan Butler talked me into it.


Everything  changed!

Finally I had an opportunity to live out my dream of getting ‘Goose’ on the track and what a journey I have had since then.

If any fellow Subaru enthusiasts or WRXSA members have ever considered having a go at motorsport, I strongly encourage you to get involved.

You don’t need a fast car to have fun.

It’s a great sport with wonderful people.

Hopefully I’ll see you out on the track in 2018.

*photo credit goes to STS images


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