• May 22, 2018 at 4:49 am #42758
    DanielC (HYPRBLU)

    Hi All,

    Thought I would put up a post to say hello and introduce myself, my name is Dan and I have in recent weeks purchased my first Subaru which is a 15′ WRX in Hyper Blue, having come from tinkering and playing with modified Holden and HSV’s in varying capacities it’s been a touch of a shock to find the CVT isn’t that strong and a lot of people don’t recommend modifying them.

    Been doing some research and talking to a lot of people both Aust. based and overseas based about what they have and haven’t done and getting some interesting information back especially from a few Australian based tuners.

    It seems that for the most part I can get away with Intake, Catback, 3 Port EBC and a ecutek tune which should be more than enough for a daily driver as it was never intended to be a racecar or have huge power and torque output.

    Will be doing some more research to see who I will take it to for some light mods but at this stage it looks like it might be interstate but we will see.

    In the mean time I look forward to meeting everyone out and about at some point in time, if you see a Hyper Blue WRX give me a toot.



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