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Gary Humphries

I have not always been into Subaru’s. My teenage years saw me, like millions of other Australian boys, into Holden’s. My car life started with a 1977 TD Gemini wagon. This car was my freedom wrapped in a bright yellow wagon! Looking back, I guess this was the beginning of my obsession with wagons as well.  

From the Gemini, I progressed onto Commodores – VH and then VS’s. None of these cars stayed standard, I couldn’t help but make my cars more…me. Wheels, stereos, exhaust systems, suspension and then paint. They all went the way of the car enthusiast.  

Then one day my uncle introduced me to his WRX, then his WRX STI and finally his WRX WRP10. The rumble of the Subaru exhaust was mesmerizing and hypnotic. The Commodore was sold and my first Subaru was parked in my driveway. Not being able to afford a WRX, I went for the next best thing – I was the proud owner of a 2001 Liberty B4 (the twin turbo sedan with the unforgettable black and blue leather interior).  

The little Liberty and I went on some great adventures, including the ‘spirited’ run down to Victor Harbour to save Easter. My sister and her family were staying with me Easter Saturday and then travelling down the coast for an Easter Sunday at Victor. Around midnight I got the call! She had left all the Easter bunny gifts, for her young children, at my house. A run to Victor, late at night, no traffic and cool temperatures – who could resist? I overtook a lot of cars that night, and received a lot of looks from the irritated drivers. Just outside of Victor the dreaded Brandt alarm shut the engine off! A nice police officer pulled over to see if he could help. He put his reds and blues on for safety reasons. That’s when the cars I had overtaken all went passed. I couldn’t see them, but I knew they were all amused. All I wanted to do was to let them know that he was helping – not issuing tickets! 

Then came a little dark moment. I traded the Liberty in for a VE Commodore SV6 wagon. But we talk wont about that. 9 months after the little hiccup – I finally got my hands on my first WRX. A MY06 Subaru WRX wagon – in WRC blue, brought in from NSW. The car was happily nick named Lil’ Blue. The car was everything I wanted. Well almost. Lil’ Blue had it’s windows tinted, wheels imported from South Korea, exhaust, digital radio, suspension and so much more done to it. It drove like a dream, handled beautifully and brought many a smile to my face.  

Unfortunately a small medical issue with my knee meant I could no longer handle such a stiff clutch. The doctor gave me a decision: trade in the car for an auto, or face the possibility of numerous knee operations. Lil’ blue went up for sale and I bought a stock standard MY11 Liberty. Non-turbo, non-wagon, non-fun. 

Whilst searching the web one day, I stumbled up my current car. It wasn’t long before I was back behind a turbo car and back in a wagon. I had got my hands on a very clean MY07 GT Spec B Subaru Liberty wagon.  

I found WRXSA just after the dark VE Commodore times. With the purchase of my WRX wagon came the need to share my enthusiasm with others. The social events are what I love to attend. I am an avid racer – and would someday love a racecar of my own – but finances and commitments have other ideas.   

The shared love of Subaru, the knowledge base and the friendships are what this club is about. This is why we are proud to wear our club shirts at all events and to proudly stick the logo on our cars. This is why I love this little club of ours! 

So if you see GAZZA7 cruising around, or see me cooking a BBQ at one of the race meets, don’t forget to give me a wave, say hello and share a Subaru story or two. 

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