Motorsport FAQ’s

Got a question? Hopefully the FAQ’s below will help.

Motorsport can seem a little daunting to get into at first, but it doesn’t have to be! Do a little research, get some basic gear together, get a CAMS license organised, then start with a motorsport event at grassroots level and work your way up. There are a lot of club members racing regularly at all levels so you’re bound to be out there with at least a few people you know who are more than willing to help!

If you’ve already checked out the Club Championship and Rules & Regulations pages, and don’t find your answers here then feel free to jump onto the WRXSA forum pages where you can find a lot more detail.

While some motorsport events may allow you to participate without a fire extinguisher (eg: Come ‘n’ Try days at Collingrove), most events will require you to have one of the correct type, pressure and age for that event. More information can be found on the CAMS website. We suggest it’s a good idea to have one regardless, you never know when it may come in handy on the race track or even in traffic if it’s your daily! Here’s a Fire Extinguisher install DIY if you’re interested.

When applying for a CAMS license, the best way is to set up an account on the CAMS Member’s Portal. This will enable you to easily do renewals online, enter events online, and manage all sorts of motorsport type things. Simply click on the ‘Getting Started’ button and follow the prompts. If something goes wrong or you have any questions, the CAMS hotline is excellent. They can be contacted on 1300 883 959.
NOTE: You will need your WRXSA club membership BEFORE you can apply for a CAMS license!

There are two main type of CAMS licences (ignoring juniors for now) – A Level 2 Speed (L2S) and a Level 2 Non-Speed (L2NS). If you want to race your subie, you want a speed licence. From a WRXSA perspective, you can only really do motorkhanas (not sure about Ozgymkhana) but not Mallala, Collingrove etc. if you have a L2NS, which is effectively anything designated a “Non Speed event”. Generally speaking, you’re better off paying the difference in price to get the Level 2 Speed licence and just being covered for everything!

Sometimes, if that motorsport bug hasn’t infected you completely you will want to do a single event, not a whole year’s worth. In this case some events will offer a day licence at a reduced fee for that single event. This is a great way to start in motorsport, and as an added incentive you can keep your receipt, send it to CAMS with a full (annual) licence form, and they will reduce your annual licence fee by the amount you spent on the day licence.

Just remember – your CAMS licence is a ticket to enjoying your Subaru in a completely legal, safe and controlled manner. It’s very easy to obtain, and all the staff at CAMS are there to help you out.

WRXSA offers great value for it’s membership fee and one of the many benefits is we are a ‘CAMS Affiliated Club’. This means once you have joined, you can then apply for your CAMS license. The CAMS license application will require you to state your WRXSA Club Membership Number as seen directly under your name on the WRXSA Club Membership Card. The club card will be sent to you within a few days of your membership being accepted. For more details on gaining a CAMS license check the Motorsport FAQ’s page.

If you need a CAMS licence quickly you can download a licence form, fill it in and submit it, but supply the WRXSA’s CAMS Officer with a copy of the form so that they can sign off on the 30 day temp licence section at the bottom. Please note this is only for new licences, not renewals. Also, if you have ticked YES to any of the medical condition boxes, you cannot get a temp licence as it needs to be confirmed by a Doctor before it can be issued. If you call the CAMS hotline after submitting your application, they can speed up the process and can get you your licence in just a few days.

As our Full WRXSA Club Membership automatically includes family members, it means that if for example, husband and wife want to race, they would be applying for separate CAMS licences under a common WRXSA membership number. CAMS have confirmed this as being OK. OAMPS, CAMS’ insurance providers have confirmed that as long as each member has an individual CAMS licence, then they are covered by insurance.

So it’s all good – as long as one family member has a Full WRXSA Membership, all family members can apply for their own CAMS licence!