Technical Advice

The following detail has been compiled by experienced club competitors. It contains a lot of good practical advice on how to get the most from your motorsport days (and cruises in some cases) without damaging yourself or your car.


Download this Motorsport Advice & Checklist PDF which has a section on preparing your car, with a check list of items to tick off, and things to consider at the event.

CAMS Equipment

Safety equipment meeting the relevant CAMS standards is required to enter most motorsport events. See the individual event requirements under Rules & Regulations for a list of the CAMS equipment needed for each particular type of event.

Where do I get CAMS approved equipment? Where possible, making your own items will be the cheapest way to obtain CAMS approved equipment. Look below for advice and photographs for making your own battery location marker, supplementary bonnet restraint, clear adhesive film over forward facing glass and installing a fire extinguisher.

However, some items must meet the relevant Australian Standards and you will need to purchase these. Autosport Pty Ltd is the club’s preferred supplier of motorsport equipment. They have a wide range of equipment including CAMS approved helmets and fire extinguishers (with suitable mounting brackets). They also offer club members a discount, so don’t forget to say you are a club member when shopping there. They are located at 248 Magill Road, Beulah Park, just east of the Portrush Road-Magill Road intersection (Tel 8332 8811) or check out for more information.

Of course, you are welcome to shop elsewhere, but please be careful that the equipment you purchase does meet the necessary CAMS requirements, otherwise this may result in you failing scrutineering. For example, there is a minimum weight for fire extinguishers and some have a plastic mounting bracket which is unacceptable (it must be metal). So if in doubt, ask!

Battery Location Indicator

Battery-Triangles-On-3-Cars Battery-Triangle-On-Blue-CarCAMS regulations require a blue 15cm equal sided triangle to mark your battery position. These can be purchased, or easily made from blue contact with white tape around the edges. If your car is blue in colour then it is also acceptable to use white tape to create an open 15cm triangle, as shown. White electrical tape is good for this as it has a moderate level of ‘stick’ and is wide enough to stand out. It can be handy to measure up a cardboard template to use when cutting out the triangle to ensure the correct size.

Clear Adhesive Film over Forward Facing Glass

It doesn’t get any easier than this, just cut out some clear contact to match the shape of your forward facing glass and stick it on! Alternatively you can purchase pre-shaped adhesive ‘headlight shields’ for most cars these days – this too, is like a thick contact but intended to be a permanent fixture on your car.

Supplementary Bonnet Restraint

Most modern cars feature a double bonnet restraint mechanism which may be acceptable, but we’d suggest carrying a supplementary bonnet restraint of another kind just in case you (or the scrutineers) require it on the day! Tie Down Straps are commonly used for supplementary bonnet restraints (hooked into bonnet and then tied onto tow hook under front of car). Thanks to Sean Jenner for these step by step photos showing how its done.

Bonnet-Restraint-Tie-Down-Strap Bonnet-Restraint-Tie-Down-Bonnet-Attachment Bonnet-Restraint-Tie-Down-TowHook_Attacment Bonnet-Restraint-Tie-Down-Finished

You can also get steel wire versions made up with a clip at one or both ends (clipped onto bonnet) and an open loop (or clip) at the other (bolted onto front cross member). These will cost a bit more, but are invisible once the bonnet is down, so photographs of your car on the track don’t have a big tie down strap on the front of them.


Mounting your Fire Extinguisher

Fire-Extinguisher-DIY-InstalledHaving an up to date CAMS approved Fire Extinguisher mounted solidly in your car is a must for safety, and to get you through scrutineering at almost all motorsport events.

There are detailed instructions on how to create your own Fire Extinguisher Bracket Under Front Seat (as pictured here) in the Members DIY’s section.

Alternatively, and a lot simpler, you can drill through the floor pan and bolt the extinguisher bracket to the floor pan, as shown in the first set of photo’s below. Just take care to avoid the chassis rail that runs beneath this area (you don’t want to drill through this). Some people have also reported problems with the drill bit picking up and twisting the carpet underlining when drilling through the floor pan. Try clamping a piece of wood onto the floor pan and drill through this to help hold the carpet down.

Got a few more questions – Check out the Motorsport FAQ’s or ask away on the Forum or Facebook!