Social FAQ’s

Got a question? Hopefully the FAQ’s below will help.

If you don’t find your answers here, feel free to jump onto the WRXSA forum pages where you can find a lot more detail.

They sure are! The club has a few that are taken to each cruise – One for the cruise leader, one for the rear car, and that usually leaves one or two for other people. If you have one, bring it along – the channel will be made known on the day.

WRXSA Club Cruises are well organised and always run within the road regulations, so the speed of the cruises are within the speed limit! It is possible to have a lively and spirited cruise without the need to break the law, and you will find your place in the pack as the cruise progresses. Some members will enjoy being up the front and making the most of our awesome roads, while others will be happy to sit back in the pack and travel at their own pace. If you do fall back, there are usually predefined meet points along the way where we all catch up, and there is always a ‘tail car’ who is in contact with the cruise leader to ensure nobody is left behind.

As a club member you can bring your family and friends in your own car, but you are solely responsible for everyone you bring along!